Choose your pricing plan

  • Single Sessions

    For clients who have a fluctuating schedule.
    • 1hr Single Session
    • A Good Intense Workout
    • Get you Ready to Start your Journey
    • *For Use of TNT Athletics Gym is an extra $25 for the Hour*
  • Bronze

    Every month
    Personal Training in any Location Membership not Included
    • Resistance Training
    • Endurance and Strength Training
    • Restoring Health Overall
    • Training may take Place in Different Locations
    • 45min to 1hr Personal Training Sessions
    • 8 Sessions per month 9th Session Free. Once Completed.
    • Client Can attend Group Classes Once a Week Free of Charge.
    • No Refund on Missed Appointment will be forwarded to an
    • Alternative Date.
  • Bronze Membership

    Month to Month Personal Training
    Valid for one month
    • One on One Training
    • Fitness Assessment
    • Mobility Training
    • Strength, Toning and Endurance
    • 8 Sessions per Month & 1 Free Session once Completed.
    • No refund on Missed Sessions, will be forwarded to an
    • Alternate Date.
    • Price Does include 1 month Membership at TNT Athletics
    • *Any questions, feel free to ask*
    • Client can Attend any Group Class Once a Week FREE of Charge
  • Silver

    Every month
    Personal Training
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to Xtreme Hip Hop Class Once a Week for Free
    • One on One Training
  • Golden

    Every month
    Moderate to Active Training
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to Xtreme Hip Hop Once a Week Free
    • One on One Training
  • XTREME Punch Card

    Xtreme Hip Hop Classes
    • Can join in on Any Class for Xtreme Hip Hop
    • Valid for any 10 Classes must Register for Access
    • Sign in Sheet
    • Xtreme Hip Hop Punch Card Applied
    • No Refund on Classes missed
  • BAWDY Punch Card

    Bawdy Pump Classes
    • Any 10 classes must Register for Access
    • Sign in Sheet
    • Bawdy Pump Punch Card will be Applied
    • No Refunds on Classes Missed
  • The Buddy System

    Every month
    Perfect For Individuals to Reach Goals with Friends etc.
    • The Buddy System is Priced $295 for Each Person
    • 8 Sessions Monthly for EACH Person
    • Includes One Month Membership at TNT Athletics